courses taught:


Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


composition (1st yr) focus on melody, gesture, rhythm; (2nd yr) focus on texture, mapping, notation; (3rd yr) focus on personal expression, cross-disciplinary collaborations

electroacoustics (1st & 3rd yr) analog, digital & computer techniques; history, composition, listening, analysis & criticism - students in ea major, comm studies, music & other fine arts

theory (2nd & 3rd yr) focus on counterpoint, harmony & voice-leading, introduction to analysis

music history -(2nd & 3rd yr) 20th century

special topics: Schenker, auditory perception, rhythmic theory, formal theory, etc.

also: Analytical listening for non-musicians; Sound for Animation (3rd yr);

special lectures on musical time, Persian and Indian music, electroacoustics, composition.


University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)

composition - 20th-century techniques: a variety of approaches to pitch, rhythm, texture, timbre, formal organization; conceptual and stylistic bases; Free composition (3rd & 4th yrs) individual tuition

music theory - special topics: exploration of new analytical methods: linear, rhythmic, auditive, descriptive; how to select appropriate method; application to musical works

seminar (Music - 5th year) -development of critical skills; exploration of non-curricular, music-related subjects: marketing, programming, the role of music in multi-modal situations, ethnomusicological perspectives on Western music

seminar (New Technologies of Communication - 4th year) - descriptive language for music, interaction of music and image

special project (New Technologies of Communication - 4th year) exploration of interaction of music and image

Counterpoint (3rd & 4th yr) - 20th-century

Orchestration (3rd & 4th yr) - 20th-century

Music history (2nd yr) - 20th-century music survey

Psychoacoustics (2nd yr) introduction to issues of music perception

General Musicianship Laboratory IV (3rd & 4th yr) - complex rhythmic dictations, keyboard textures, classroom games, improvisation

Supervision of teaching practicum - 5th year students teaching at local conservatories

Integration of Expressions (Bachelor of Primary School Teaching) -exploring role of music in multi-modal contexts

University of Victoria (Victoria, BC, Canada)


theory & ear training (1st yr -- non music majors) focus on basic musical vocabulary, harmony etc

20th century theory (4th yr --occasional lectures) topics included Stravinsky and Bartk techniques


Northern Lights Community College (Fort Nelson, BC, Canada)


piano, violin (all ages) individual tuition


Manor & High Tunstall Schools (Hartlepool, England)

Arthur Mellows Village College (Glinton, England)

general music (grades 7-9, mandatory) based on U.K. National Curriculum: listening, performing, composing

specialized music (grades 10-11, optional [A levels]) preparing students for university music programmes